Saturday, March 02, 2019

Beans & Biscuits

Well, the biscuits look good, the beans tasty but the cook could use a little work!    Hope you like him. 


  1. Excellent as usual, and the biscuits look delicious. We talked about your website and instructional videos yesterday at our carving club. Those that have studied your site all encouraged all members to visit and learn. Thanks for all the work you two put in to share your skill.

  2. Another great example of your excellent skills! 10+++

  3. It's another masterpiece Lynn. You carve more than just a figure. You're an artist creating a composition in wood rather than on canvas.

  4. Thank you, Lynn, for providing and letting us use your patterns. I'm finding your paper/cardboard manikins are extremely valuable when carving figures in action. Every time I try, they looked goofy and unnatural. Kind of like the women I've attempted to carve. My father in law said they all look like drag queens. LOL. So. If I may ask, would you consider doing a female carving tutorial? I'd like to see the process you go through. I'd also like to show my father in law I do know the difference between a beauty queen and drag queen. Lol. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience and valuable time with us. I am sure it has been an inspiration for many people. Keep it up!!
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  7. I just recently discovered your work and over the past few weeks I've consumed countless hours of your video content and enjoyed every minute of it. Your knowledge is invaluable and your dedication to your work is inspiring.

    I've learned - in leaps and bounds - from your content that on my own would just not have been possible. Consider me a new member of the club - I will continue visiting your site and watching your videos to hopefully pick up as much of your valuable insights/instructions/inspiration as possible. Thanks Lynn.

  8. Hello Lynn,
    I recently found and purchased an older Sand-O-Flex model 300 D. It was metal instead of plastic and fit a 5/8" shaft. Unfortunately, the newer brushes and replacement sanding wheels do not fit this older model. It appears yours is similar to mine and I was wondering if you could share where you get your parts for this item.
    Thank you,
    Dennis Maloney

  9. Looking great as always. Been a little while since I been here to view your new Carvings. Haven't been feeling well, and been tryin to come up with some ways of making my own Carving tools so I can get into some carving. I'd like to do what you do here, but would also like to get into Chip Carving.

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