Friday, October 12, 2018

Monday Mornings

Here's a new one that left the Ranch before the paint was dry!   The weekend's over and he's not to happy about what the Top Hand has laid out for him.  At least it's not fence work.

Hope you like him. 


  1. Wonderful! I've been going through Lynn Doughty withdrawal since May. You are great at color selection and the detail is first rate. Always love seeing what you do.

  2. I am looking to buy something like your top hand above, he looks to be maybe 3ft tall or some thing like bob Roberts "jake" cowboy, but he's not doing anymore. jake was about 5ft and standing on a stump about 1 ft tall. im retired almost 80, thinking I would love to try this. bu tam wanting to buy at this point----what would be the price on top hand for example?

    1. This piece is far from being 3 feet tall. Maybe around 26 inches. Sorry, I don't do figures larger than that.

  3. Well, after starting to watch videos for the last month, I have become addicted! I have just started my journey of carving and I am loving it! I cant thank you enough for your videos and help. I do have a couple questions if you have time. A place to find patterns for one and also, Just as a suggestion (you and your wife already do a great job) but maybe take some still frame pictures along the way?

    Thank you again!