Thursday, May 17, 2018

Brave Heart

Here's another one fresh off the paint table.  Wrapped in his painted robe with warpaint  on his face,  he's no doubt planning how to get his horses back from that bunch a couple mountains over.  

I never tire of Native Americans.  The opportunity to paint them is just too enjoyable.  

1 comment:

  1. You carvings are excellent.Your faces really catch my eye.I believe that your painting is outstanding. Your attention to detail confirms you take your painting very seriously.I believe that you can take a poor carving and put a good paint job on it and it will
    catch the eyes of the people.But Lynn I think you are cursed ( big smile) with excellent carving ability as well painting and finish. I also find that you explain the process of carving and finishing very good. I have 2 of your carvings to look at when I try my hand at one of your desinghns.
    All my best