Saturday, March 03, 2018

Old Gabe Gets a Body....At Least Half of One!

Today I worked on the lower half of Old Gabe.  He's wearing a blanket capote, loosely modeled after one we picked up at a Mountain Man Rendezvous last year at the Woolaroc Museum.  I ask Judy to come down and model it for me so I could actually see how it fit.  Photos are nice but an actual item and model can really make things a lot easy.   I hope to have the ends of the blanket strap hang loosely down from the piece but that's a hurdle I haven't solved yet.  

Hope you like him so far.  


  1. As always, nice creative work. Thanks.

  2. Looking good. I use a small piece of flashing tin for belt ends, you can fold it nice to look like leather or cloth. May have learned that from one of your videos. Thanks.