Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Teddy Blue

Happy New Year!

Well, not only did Quint get a coat of paint he also got a new name.   I'll admit I took a little liberty with the name as E.C. "Teddy  Blue" Abbott was a good friend and rode with painter Charles Russell and wrote the book "We Pointed Them North", about the cattle drives out of Texas which was the basis for the mini-series "Lonesome Dove".  Not bad for a dusty cowboy working the ranges back in 1870-80.  

By taking liberties I mean the addition of those shiny, reflective shades he's sporting.  If you remember,  I had done them in an earlier set of videos.  It took me a few days to finally decide to add them as the carving detail on his eyes had turned out so well.  But after painting the neckerchief that beautiful blue they just seemed to be part of the carving.  Also, I added a little extra bling to his watch chain by giving it a fob, hanging of the end at the button hole.  With the walnut base he stands about 12" tall.  Hope you like him.

On another topic......The fiber-optic internet installation just might be on the horizon as they stopped by and took a measurement of where the line would be laid.  Boy, I sure hope so.  We've been waiting on it for almost 3 years.  The lack of a decent upload speed is the main reason for the lack our video output.  Anyway, we've got our fingers crossed.

Next up?  The painting of "Spotted Elk".  I still have some work to do on the feathers and the lance but I will work on that today.  As always, comments welcome.


  1. Oh yea baby.....he looks great. The coloring, the glasses, the fob, the hat tilted back, prefect!!!

  2. This one is truly amazing, my favorite I think. Don't ask me why. Could be the blue which is my favorite color. Good luck with the cable . I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Happy New Year to you and Judy.

  3. Another great job, but I can't make out what is being reflected in Blue's glasses.

  4. Awesome work Lynn. I am very enjoy to see your work. ^_^

  5. Another really beautiful job Lynn. You have a fabulous artist eye for color and detail. The neckerchief done with one of your iridescent colors or is it just the photo. Either way it really pops.

  6. amazing videos. thanks so much for sharing your techniques with us, I have enjoyed them immensely.
    Ron Frampton

  7. This look fabulous with all the detailing. You have done it to perfection and it looks so near to life. You really have a great skill of wood carving.