Sunday, May 01, 2016

Carving a Cowboy With Angora Chaps - Part 28

Cowboy With Angora Chaps Part 28 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Lynn, what ever you are paying Judy it is NOT enough. She has turned into a Pro. The close ups are amazing. Thanks Judy. Make sure you tell her how good she is Lynn. Give her a raise too, he he
    This guy is one of your best. Do you have a name for him yet?

  2. "Big Sky Buckaroo"! Thanks for your comments. A raise? You've got to be kidding. She has all the money already!

    1. Good name. No kidding, Judy is doing a bang up job. That new camera in Judy's hands is magic. With that camera she is capturing your craftsmanship very well. Thanks a million.

  3. Lynn, You nailed it with this series. I think you touched on every aspect of your carvings, from the actual carving, the research, making the "add-ons" and the extra touches you do with paint. I really appreciate the projects that you and Judy film for us to see. I also agree with Virginia that Judy does a great job with the camera. Thanks to both of you.