Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jar Head

I actually made it back into the shop the other day to finally finish this little bust.  He turned out so well I'm thinking of using him for the Dayton show carving auction instead of "Pancakes".  I'm sure there are a lot of viewers out there who will relate to this one more than the other.

I made the hanging helmet staps out of tupelo and the small strap over the front of the steel pot out of a thin strip of aluminum flashing.  The dog tags are also cut from some flashing, held to the body by a soldered post.  The M1 rifle is a seperate piece doweled to the back, working from a photo I tried to make it as accurate as possible and yes, the strap buckles are not accurate but look ok to me.

I really like this one and will no doubt do some more soldiers later on.  As always your comments are welcome.


  1. Really like this one, has a sadness in his eyes that you see in a Laotian of pictures from that time frame. Well done.