Sunday, December 07, 2014

Building A Canoe - Part 5

I came awful close to tossing that piece of butternut directly in the stove.  Please, the next time you see me pick up a piece of that stuff call me immediately to save me from the grief of choosing it again.  Aside from that things are starting to show real promise!  Hope you agree.

  Building A Canoe - Part Five from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. The design of that base is inspired, and blew me away. I can picture it finished, and it will be gorgeous! Great craftsmanship and artistic impression thus far on this project, I have learned a lot already.

  2. It is very interesting so far. I have run a cross the same issues when using my router. Do you sand the rough and burnt spots by hand? To me that is hard to do. and I don't know what I do to cause it on OAK. Anyway looking good. Ginny

  3. That shadow under the 'water' will really add a great deal of interest to the piece when completed. I think it will accentuate the effect of the canoe floating in the water. Great idea. It is all coming along very nicely.

    Ron B.

  4. I like the buildup under the water. The natural wood really adds quality to the carvings. Sets it out above others.

  5. Lynn
    I own a sawmill and cut basswood and butternut for carvers I have made quite a few bases for carvers as well, I sent you some walnut a while back, anyhow I use a small Rigid handheld router. when I route bases. I like the size of them better then the big routers for bases, I hog off most of the wood in one pass and then take another pass removing just a tiny amount to remove burn marks. It is also easier to maintain a constant feed as you go around the base which also helps avoid the burn marks. Butternut will fuzz up sometimes when the grain direction changes. Just a suggestion you might want to consider
    Project looking really good so far
    Have a Merry Christmas

  6. Hi Lynn, looking great so far, I'm really enjoying seeing your process for making your bases and that shadow line is going to look great! I agree will the previous comment about not taking off all the material in one pass , I go about 95 % on the first pass and take the last mill or so with the final pass and the results are much cleaner !! Looking forward to the next instalment , keep up the good work. Trev

  7. Lynn, I'm glad you're doing this, the next piece I have to do is a woman in a kayak, and seeing how you are doing your base is giving me some good ideas. I'm looking forward to how you do the epoxy part.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I love your videos. I am new to wood carving and I find them very informative. I hope you keep making them. Thank you for your time and knowledge. It is really appriciated looking forward to your future videos