Friday, November 14, 2014

The Trail Boss

This is the piece I used during my demonstration on painting at the Dayton, Ohio show last weekend.  I was a little worried about whether the limited amount of paint I was able to apply during the allotted hour I was given would carry over and match the other once I could set down in the shop and finish it.  I did have to repaint the shirt and neckerchief but the rest turned out fine.  I did add a pair of glasses as it just needed something to make it complete.

Hope you like it and there are additional photos on the blog.  Oh....I was told that a DVD will soon be available of all the demonstrations given at the show so if it shows up I'll try and post at least my portion.

As always, comments welcome and appreciated.


  1. Great figure, I bet the demo was a hit. How about a report on how all your pieces placed in the show?

  2. I am interested in your steps in preparing the figure for painting and the steps in painting. Wish I had known about your work when I was living in Oklahoma.