Friday, October 10, 2014

"Where's The Beef?" Finished!

Okay....Here are the final photos of the finished piece. I think it turned out pretty well. Can't really see where I could have made it better. Of course things will start to show up the longer I look at it so I hope it leaves the inventory soon. Like Charlie Russell said..."I raised my kids to leave home!" and I have the same belief. Anway, I hope you enjoyed the trip in making this little gem and should you have any comments I always enjoy reading them. Don't really know whats on tap for the next series but I'll try to think of something interesting.


  1. Lynn I have followed along with each video and I truly have enjoyed them. This was a great series. Thank you and Judy very much. I'm looking forward to your next series. Are you going to use that new camera? Your number one fan Ginny

  2. he turned out great Lynn. The peppercorns work perfect.

  3. Another great series Lynn he turned out really well, as always some great tips and advice. ( drips were hilarious by the way) looking forward to your next series in whatever for it may take!!!!
    Keep up the good work to you both. Trev