Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where's The Beef?

Here's my latest.  Seems this poor fella was getting ready to sink his choppers into that big T-bone only to end up with Beans and Biscuits!  This one stands about 10-12 Inches tall with the walnut base.  Ought to be pretty neat once it's painted.  I still have to locate material for the beans.  While I've used mustard seeds in the past they would be too small for this piece.  I'm thinking either buckshot or BB's.   Was going to name it Biscuits, Beans, and Bacon but was worried that some Muslim would have been offended.  Yeah...right!

The little fork was the weakest point of the piece so I reinforced it was a metal rod at the bend.  Now it's probably the strongest!  I carved the fork then cut it in two.  Snipping off the head of a wire brad and bending it to match the forks shape I drilled matching holes in each piece and glued it together.  It will take a determined effort for someone to break it.

Hope you like him and there are some more photos in the Gallery.  Next up?  A wrangler carrying a saddle!


  1. Another great one. Are some of these going to be entered at Dayton? I bet you are gearing up for that one, and we wish you the best. I am trying to make plans to go visit relatives in Kentucky and take in the Dayton show, hope they pan out. Another outstanding carving.

  2. So simplistic looking yet is has so much going on from the expression on his face to the eating accoutrements. And BB's for dinner....yum-yum!

  3. Excellent !!! Way cool idea for the fork ....

  4. Please , Please, Please do a video of the Rangier with saddle. Ginny

  5. Looking great so far Lynn! Can't wait to see him with some colour on!! The wrangler and saddle sounds like a great tutorial ! Will you be making a video series of that one?
    Keep up the good work . Trev