Sunday, April 13, 2014

"You Don't Know Jack!"

Actually, you probably do after all the posts lately about him.  Here is the other, larger head of Mr. Palance mounted as a bust.  I changed the color of his neckerchief a bit by adding some iridescent light green to the black.  I also painted the back of his vest with iridescent burnt orange to give the figure a bit more color.  I think the colors balance out really well.  With a little bit of dry brushing with a light tan color to highlight the wrinkles and folds of the vest the figure makes a pretty good representation of the dasterdly Mr. Wilson from Cheyenne who will soon meet with a well deserved end.

To gain a little more information about the figures in this story I bought the book "Shane" by Jack Schaefer.  I was surprised at just how close the movie follows the story.  Hardly any liberties were taken and all the events portrayed in the movie were straight out of the book.  One thing that was different was that Shane showed up dressed in black not buckskins.  A good, quick read even if you know how the tale will end.  Another great source for the movie can be found on Wikipedia which has some really interesting facts about the stars.  I knew Alan Ladd was short but didn't know he was afraid of guns!  Funny for a guy who appeared in so many movies featuring weapons.  And the bit about Jack Palance and horses is just too funny!  Here's the link:

A few more photos in the Gallery and comments always welcome and appreciated.


  1. I think I like this one the best. Love the eyes. Love the color. Ginny

  2. Again, a great likeness. now you will have a lot of Palance's around the gallery....but they look fantastic.

  3. Another great result Lynn, he has real character ! I particularly like the colouring on this one, the touch of green on the neckerchief and the orange on the back , it just really works !! Fantastic piece.
    Keep up the good work, Trev