Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Snake River Sam

With all that's been going on around here I finally found a few moments to finish this one. I've also changed his name to something more reflective of the piece. Funny, when people look at carvings, sculptures, or paintings, they never seem to look at the titles. That's a real shame as the artist generally gives a lot of thought to that area to ensure that the title amplifies what they're trying to express. More often than now it is the key to the whole piece.  Take my advice and read that'll appreciate what was done a lot more.

 I tried something new to try and give his coat the look of sheepskin with the wool on the inside. It wasn't that hard to do. I just chucked in a Kutzal bit and bumped it across the surface of the wood to rough it up. After that I used a butane torch to burn away all the fuzz. Enough was left to accomplish the thought. It did take a lot of dry brushing to get the correct coloring as that rough surface really soaked up the paint. I like it.

 This bust stands a little under 15" with the base. There are more photos in the Gallery and your comments are appreciated as always.


  1. I'm glad you are back. This carving looks great. The painting especially. Thanks for telling use how you did it. Ginny

  2. Great carving Lynn and I agree the title of a piece makes the composition of the figure more appealing and real. You've always captured that imagery when titling your carvings and I've tried to do the same when I carve a subject or scene.
    Roughing the inside of the coat with a burr bit is a good technique. I use small dental bits in my power carver to create a fur-like appearance on smaller subjects. It works great.

  3. Welcome back...hope your vacation was fabulous and all had a wonderful time and stayed safe. I am sure you got a lot of inspiration out there in the wildest part of our great country, where the scenery is awesome and the critters are still roaming free. The thought occurred to me that it would be great fun (and very instructional for us) if you carved a buffalo (bison) and made a tutorial out of it. Nothing is any more of an icon of the old west than a buffalo and one would make a great addition to the gallery and probably would be a great seller for you as well. Snake River Sam is impeccably carved and finished as is usual from your workshop. I agree that the title is an important part of the my case it focusus my attention on what I am trying to convey to the viewer, and helps keep me on track toward the carving I actually envision when I start. I sometimes (usually) struggle with a good title for a lot of my pieces, I cannot imagine how you can still come up with great titles after having carved so many pieces over the years...keep them coming, we all enjoy viewing and hearing about each one.

  4. Very nice indeed... I'm getting the urge to carve a bust myself... Your a great modivator.

    Trust you had a great vacation

  5. I find all your work fascinating.
    Such attention to detail pays rich dividends.