Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dayton Show Results

I'm not one who usually brags but several of you have ask how I did at the show so here are the results of the competitions I entered:

Bust..................1st   Rough Night  
-                              2nd  Red Horse        
Single Figure..... 1st...Sorry Boys!  It's Beans Again!
-                               2nd..The Pot Seller
Figure 15"......... 1st..Any Complaints?
Group................1st ..The Boss
-                               HM..Slim Pickins'

Best of Category....1st
-                                    2nd

As always, the competition was pretty tough and there were some new carvers who only added to that.  Needless to say, I'm more than satisfied with the results.    Now, with the CCA being the featured exhibit next year, and being that their display will be directly across from mine, I'd better get busy cranking out some new pieces.

For those of you who missed the opportunity to attend this event you really ought to make plans to put it on your things to do.  It's clearly the largest and best organized event in woodcarving you'll ever find and it just seems to get better each year.


  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a superior performance in the judging. I sure would have like to go to the show..but it is a long way from here and just didn't work out. Maybe in the future.

  2. Hot Dang Lynn, way to go! Congrats on all your awards. If you keep thisup you will need to add on to your building just to house all the awards you've accumulated.

  3. Congrats. All awards were/are well deserved. You're the Best my Friend. Keep 'em comin'...........

  4. Way to go Lynn...some of those titles I don't recognize..do you have pictures of them all somewhere? thanks

  5. You can find the photos in the Picasa Gallery link. Thanks for the compliments.

  6. Congratulations!! Great job!!

  7. Congrats Lynn,I got to see your carvings in person and they were all fantastic. In your case "pictures" do not do the carvings justice. Getting to see them face to face is the only way to go. Look forward to next year.

  8. I can't find a picture of Slim Pickens on the blog or on Picasso...is this one of those pieces where you posted it then decided to change the name? (like Pot Seller is listed as Hopi Maiden). I don't recall this carving and would like to see it...congrats again .

  9. Lynn, a big congrats to you for your wins. You really swept the competition. fred k

  10. Congratulations on on all your awards.