Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Chief's Red Blanket

Now here's a regal looking Redskin!  I kind of jumped the gun and started painting before I remembered that I hadn't taken the first set of photos!  Actually, I think he looks pretty good this way but he'll look a lot better once that blanket is painted.
This bust is a pretty good sized one....standing about 15" tall with the base.  Still haven't decided on whether to use the base in the photo or not.  What do you think?  The circular neckerchief slide will be the back side of a peace medal...shaking hands with a crossed tomahawk and pipe or maybe I'll paint the front with President's profile.
The fan will have a beaded base as will the hat band and the lower part of the hat decoration.  I'm thinking the stripes will be black & white so with the red they should really pop.  I really like the look of this guy.
This is the only photo so far but I'd still appreciate your comments.


  1. This is a great bust, Lynn. Did you carve the braids as part of the head, part of the body, or completely separate?

    Bob Tinsley

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  3. Quite the handsome fellow Lynn! Love your characters.

    A question: Why do we see so many dour looking Indians? Yes, I know that you have carved a few smiling Indians, but the overwhelming majority of all Indian carvings are frowning. Were they all that sad? Is it that our photographic records captured only the bad times and not the good ... or are we using that "keep America Beautiful" commercial with the crying Indian as our stereotype?

    As for a president's profile on the neckerchief slide, I hope you were thinking of one of the presidents we had during tribal times. I wouldn't sully a carving with the image of our current president.

    Beautiful carving and great detail with the intricate burning!

    (p.s. that was my deleted comment just above ... fixed some typos)
    Bob Easton

  4. Another nice one. I assume that you will NOT be adding to this carving. Since the front profile is rather flat I wonder if a square or rectangular base would offer a better presentation? Just a thought.

    If this is about 12 inches tall with the base does that make the carving itself about 7 inches?


  5. This guy looks not only Regal, but Proud as well, as all the Native Americans are. There facial expression is always depicted stern looking (in recorded historical photos, etc) because that is how they saw & see themselves when asked to pose for an artist or photographer. Plus their facial composition with high cheek bones and chisled features gives them that marvelous stoic appearance. I like seeing that in carvings, sculptures, and paintings of a portrait of an individual Indian.

    The feathwork is just great Lynn and the beadwork technique and designs you're now doing are right on target. Super carving over-all and the base shown seems perfect for it too.

  6. Bob pretty well explain my usual portrayal of Native Americans. About the only time I see one really smiling is when he's hit the jackpot at the Local Casino or a little farther back historically, after they wiped out a US Cavalry unit.

    As for the height...I made a mistake and remeasured him and he stands at 15" with the base so the figure itself is about 8-9" tall.

    THanks for all the nice comments.

  7. A great job of arving, and I love the braids. I too had noticed that a majority of your Indians were less than joyous in their exressions. I looked at this picture a long, long time trying to decide how to answer your question about the base, and also because something about it looked wrong to me. I finally deided that I think it is the small diameter piece of the figure below the lower fold of the blanket that just looks out of proportion, it is too small for the figures lower abdomen or pelvis, I think the final figure might look better if this part showing below the blanket was either trimmed off or inset into the base so that the lower edge of the blanket touches the base. This is just my opinion of course. Are you trending into larger pieces, cause this one and the Knight of the Plains seem to be a touch larger than your recent works? I love you posts as I enjoy looking at your work. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Well here is my 2 cents worth..
    I like it..
    I really like the face and his expression.. excellent job..
    and I am sure it will look even better when the painting is done..