Saturday, November 06, 2010

White Buffalo

This will be the last piece I'm able to finish before this years Dayton, Ohio woodcarving show.  I tried something new in attaching two shell ornaments to the top of his breastplate. This is one of the reasons I really like doing Native Americans is all the costume details you can associate with them.    He is mounted on a sycamore base.
I hope you have a chance to visit the Dayton show as it will really reinforce your interest in carving.  I'll be at my normal spot and hope you stop by for a visit.


  1. Another excellent carving Lynn. I especially like the drawn/haggard facial expression. We'll be looking for it at Dayton.

  2. Great Carving as usual...Good Luck at the Dayton, Ohio Show!!!
    My Best Wishes, Mary Anne

  3. Unlike the earlier Bob, I enjoy your native Americans with big smiles. Almost everyone carves them with grim frowns. Sure, all life "on the range" was tough, but was it as bad as most carvings indicate. I really like the optimism of Billy Yellow Horse and his smiling friends.

    Have a great time at the Dayton show.

  4. Another wonderful carving Lynn - Thanks for sharing. I would like to go to the Dayton, someday, but at the moment it's a bit to fer for me.

    Ron in Oregon

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