Thursday, April 08, 2010

Monte Walsh – Part 4 – The Left Arm Continued

With this post we finish carving the hand and as much of the arm as we can prior to gluing it to the body.  I also try and answer a recent question about the proportions I use when developing figures. 


I hope this will answer all your questions about attaching arms.  If not we still have one to go!


Any comments are always welcome.


  1. Lynn,

    I noticed in the video's that Monte is wearing his sidearm. Is it glued in place? Do you assemble the carving as each piece is completed would be the real question?


  2. Good videos, great explanation on how to do the arms and proportions. I don't know where I'd be without your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much. Have a good vacation. Thank you also Judy. fred k

  3. Another great job and very imformative.......don't forget to put the arm pattern in the gallery.

  4. Lynn thanks so much for answering the question about proportions. It was enormously helpful. I have a much better sense going forward now. I am carving in pine which for me doesn't hold detail as well but I brought lots of it home during my working years as a trim carpenter and it's free so I can get lots of practice as I hone my skills. I am using glue- ups to make the thickness and although not as good as basswood it does give me practice. I hope you can share some more of your painting techniques especially blending colors and shading different colors like you did on several of your pieces. Thank you and Judy so much. Y'all should be featured in a national broadcast not only for your talent but for your generosity. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Lynn and Judy, I think I have watched all the videos you have made. I really like ur relaxed style of teaching. Your videos of Monte are your best yet. Lots of good ideas. Thanks for taking the time to share!