Monday, June 12, 2006

Cowboy Boots - Carving A Pair!

I'm going to try and keep this project as simple as possible so that a carver just starting out won't be too intimidated. We'll try and use as few tools as possible and will not be applying any paint, only stain. Once the boots are finished we will mount them on a fairly unique base.

My main tool for will be Old Reliable backed up by a carving knife with a curved blade. The curved blade will allow me to reach inside the shaft of the boot to clean it out. Other than that I could accomplish everything with the box knife.

I cut the blanks out of a 3" thick piece of Basswood. Once the profile has been cut the blank is cut down the middle giving me the two boots. Ideally, each boot blank should be at least 1-1/4" thick. The piece of Basswood the Boots set on is 1/4" thick and the Oak base is 3/4" to 1" thick.

I talked my horse Boomer into giving me one of his old shoes to use. When you go looking for a shoe make sure you get a Lite 'OO' size. Generally, shoes come in O, OO, and OOO. The Lite is a lighter weight shoe . Get you some Small horseshoe nails too. Regular nails would look kind of funny.

So, the pattern is listed in the additional photos as are a few beginning tips. So let's get started!

To be continued.....


  1. Lynn your Blog makes the cost of my high speed connection seem like paying for penny candy and getting champagne and caviar.
    Thank you, so very much for the lessons.
    I reallly enjoy your imagination and style.

  2. Lynn and Judy, this is a great page and thanks for letting us in on it. Keep improving and you might be a woodcarver someday!!Just kidding of course. miss you.
    The Whites

  3. anyone else having problems with getting booted off the internet while searching the gallery ?

  4. Nice. You have great talent in carving. I have watched your videos on vimeo and I can say I want to make it too.

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