Saturday, July 27, 2013

How To Photograph Your Carvings

I was looking over my Blog and Video stats this morning and thought I'd repost the first video I made on taking photos of your work.  I uploaded it back in September 2009 and I think it still has a lot of information you can use to take some almost studio quality shots of your pieces.

  It's hard to believe that since posting that video it was followed by 292 more.   Total Blog entries are bumping 800 with 791.  Hope it's all worth it!

Here's that video:


  1. You do a great (professional) job of photographing your carvings. The ast majority of us photograph like we carve..kinda half-a@#$%. I wish I had a dedicated place to photograph, to carve, to paint, and to display...but alas my space is limited ...I do what I can...but I can always do more, and your tutelage always gives me ideas and more importantly inspiration. Thanks for your effort to elevate the craft of carving into an art...we all appreciate what you and Judy do for us.

  2. Hi Lynn, I've watched this video several times now over the last year or so since I found OutwestWoodCarving along with all the other videos, they have inspired me to take up woodcarving along with a bit of woodturning. I can honestly say that I've found a hobby that will be with me until the day I die! So in answer to your last question , in my case "Oh yes it is really worth it" Thank you both for all you do and I hope you continue to give us our fix forever more. Trev

  3. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and watching your videos. The carvings and the style of carving is unique. It is the only way I could see it as you are a ways away. About 2200 miles according to google. I am sure there are others that are further away that value your instructional videos. as well.

    Chilliwack British Columbia

  4. All of your videos are "worth it"..

    They are most appreciated and always insightful and always helpful.

  5. Bill MacDougall, coffeeman8/04/2013 07:54:00 AM

    Lynn, thanks for reporting this one, missed the pencil trick when first watched this one years ago, love all your work, videos, and your dedication to wood carving and to helping other wood carvers, you have been a great inspiration and motivator for me.