Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Constructing a Doctor's Buggy - Part 3 - The Undercarriage

We didn't do a video on the construction of the undercarriage.  Time constraints, ranch chores, and other projects limit what we can do.  I can attempt describe it though.

1.  For the basic frame, I used some 1/8" brass brazing rod, available at a welding supply store.  Working directly from the blueprints I obtained from, I cut the various pieces and silver-soldered them together.

2.  For the various wooden pieces, I used 1/4" basswood, carving them to shape. I grooved the two axle supports and epoxied them to the metal rods.

3.  For the springs, I used 2 thin strips of basswood for both the upper spring and the lower spring, glued together and then bent around a 1 gallon paint can, held in place till dry with a couple of large rubber bands.  Once dry they created the perfect bends when cut to the proper length and epoxied together.  I then use short pieces of 3/16" wooden dowel for the small end pieces.   Hope that's clear.

4.  A trip to Hobby Lobby gave me a very thin sheet of brass which I cut in strips to wrap around the metal and the wooden pieces which once soldered hold everything together.  A little epoxy here and there made the entire unit a secure structure.

If your a little more of a perfectionist than I am you will probably note that I deviated quite a bit from the actual wagon parts.  Well, I am not out to build a scale model.  I'll leave others do do that.  My wagon, once complete, will be enough to carry my Doctor and complete the scene I'm attempting to create.

Now that the undercarriage is complete it's on the building the wooden upper part of the buggy.  That will be Part 4 of the series.

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