Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Making a Bear Claw Necklace - Part 6

Making a Bear Claw Necklace - Part 6 from Out West Woodcarving Videos on Vimeo.


  1. interesting how you can make it look so thin but it isn't. terrific. But thing I think carving does for a person is it teaches us to not be in a hurry. How calming it can be and rewarding..

  2. Lynn,

    Thanks once again for all you do in sharing your techniques in carving and painting!

    I was wondering about the scale on the feather. The quill end, sticking out from behind the head of the American Indian, seems more than exaggerated in length. The pieces you carve always turn out terrific and well-balanced. Your sense of scale is perfect.

    I’m attempting to develop my ‘artistic sense’ for scale along with my carving accuracy. Could you give me an understanding of what you use to know when an element is appropriately scaled in your carvings? Is this an intrinsic sense that you have as an artist or are there some techniques you could share with others?

    Please give Judy our thanks for her video-graphy!

    Thanks tons for taking time to answer.

    L Miller