Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gallery Photos - What A Mess!

Google, in their unknown wisdom, has decided to shut down web hosting on the Picasa site and switch everything over to Google + photos.  I have added a new link to the "Blog Photo Gallery" button which takes you to that site but once there I know you will have problems trying to find individual albums associated with the posts.  For that I'm truly sorry but I have no control over the new structure of this site so please, please don't ask me how to go about finding something there as I'm having the same problem and still haven't figured it out.   Hopefully, as everyone using the old Picasa is having the same problems adapting they will fix things soon.  In the meantime I guess we just have to buck up and suffer.   Sorry!


  1. What a frustration! How many times have you been through something like this Lynn? I can remember 3 or 4. There are probably more.

    I've studied a lot about operating businesses online and I've learned one thing (well, lots of things, but one thing pertinent to this situation). If you're going to use internet resources to drive, or supplement, your business, try not to depend on resources you can't control. Own your content and keep it on resources you can control.

    Yes, I know. Many artists start as you did, cobbling together a collection of free blogging, free photo serving, free video serving, etc. It makes perfect since when there's not a lot of money to get things started. But at some point, those resources are going to let you down.

    Since you started, a lot of things have changed and gotten very much cheaper. If you ever want to bite that bullet and take full control, there are inexpensive ways of using a mucher better platform than Blogger and using other tools that can be hosted at very reasonable prices. (a few bucks a month, versus tons of your precious time when Google changes something).

    When you get to that point, let me know and I'll help. No, I'm not trying to sell you a service, only to offer some help (benefit of experience) to a fellow carver.

  2. I'll try to avoid a rant as well, but I hate it when the hosts change things up and I have to re-learn how to post on my blog. (Onedrive was Great until they changed it) I get daily messages about the pictures being lost, etc. Hope things work out. I always enjoy stopping in and checking out your latest and greatest carvings.

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